Week 33: NEW Playground Equipment Agreements, Fairy House, and More!

Mark Those Calendars

  • Kindergarten Closing Ceremonies: Friday, June 23, 11:30-1:10pm. We’ve had a
    Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 12.45.35 PM

    Help remind your little ones what’s expected with their new equipment!

    great year of goal-setting and reaching since we began our Olympic Brain & Body Goal Wall! Now, it’s almost time for the Kinder Academic Games of 2016-2017 to end 🙂 Parents, please join us in class on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for the Special Kindergarten Closing Ceremonies for Room 7. We’ll celebrate our accomplishments, together, parade around the school passing around “the goal torch” and have a nice potluck! More details to come.

  • Child-led Spring Conferences: Click here for the Sign up genius for June!
  • End of Year Assessments: I am doing assessments during the day (Quiet Time and Exploration). My hope was that doing it during the day would save you scheduling 2 days to come in with your child, as opposed to 1. 
  • Box City: It’s during Conference Week this year, June 5-9th. Start collecting large cardboard boxes to bring in for your child and others! One per child has worked in the past. Please contact Christine G. for questions at cch722 (at) gmail.com.


    Thank you Wendy, Tyler’s mom, for helping us get our first round of items for Monday!

  • Community Snack Schedule:  This week is the Ramam family. Please use the snack signup genius here to sign up for a week to bring snack. Let the Snack Coordinator,
    Kudsana (kkizaraly@yahoo.com), know if you need special accommodations or are unable to fulfill your commitment. And a BIG thank you to the Olsen family for snack last week!
  • APPLY SUNSCREEN: Please make sure your child is protected and prepared for sunny weather! We have a sunscreen basket under the morning message. Feel free to drop in the kind you like and shoot me an email saying I can use it on your child. Thanks!
  • Staff Development Day: NO SCHOOL Friday May 19
  • Memorial Day: NO SCHOOL Monday May 29th
  • Other FUTURE Parent Meeting Dates: Wednesday May 24th, and Wednesday June 14th.

Weekly Highlights!

  • D2 In-Service Day: No School Friday May 19


    Kid-Read Aloud: Tyler read an excerpt from Calvin and Hobbes!

  • Sub for Kate: Wednesday (Lonnell) and Thursday (Shalini)
  • Art: Popsicle stick fairies (to go in the houses!)
  • Project: Fair House Building
  • Box City: We continued conversations about Box City (coming up in two weeks!)
  • Fairies Still Visit!
  • Community Talks: We discussed several agenda items , timed 7 minutes each. Whatever we didn’t finish, we left for the net day. Some of the topics were making playground toy agreements, talking about taking better care of the materials around the room, and socio-emotional issues that came up about people not treating one another with kindness in words or actions.
  • Children’s Read Aloud: Tyler and Maddie K.!
  • Literacy: Every child wrote his/her wish list for items to buy for the playground
    2017-05-17 08.43.40

    Thanks for subbing Lonnell and Shalini!


  • Science: We continued experiments with osmosis using salt water, gummy bears, gak, and now vegetables!!!
  • Just-Right Reading! Each morning, parents can help kids choose leveled books totake home and practice reading with children. Please be sure to return the books and put them in the proper bins!
  • Focus Spots: The lack of listening and responding during group times merited spots around the room. Children came to me and asked for a focus spot if they exhausted other strategies. Now, everyone has one taped to the floor!

Lemonade Stand Budget: Update!


To-do next week!

Due to my unexpected absence, I wasn’t able to discuss this with them in length the information from the picture on the left. However, I made a little slideshow of visuals based on their conversations, so far, to further discuss our plan.  They discussed agreements for the new equipment and Logan helped me make the visuals to accompany them, because students noted “Some kids can’t read the words, yet!”

Next week, we will talk about what we will do with what is left of our budget. Students did talk a little bit about ways to spend the money, though. Maddie K. and a few others asked us to save some of it in case anything breaks and we have to replace it (i.e. a saving cushion). Henry suggested we donate some of it to the homeless, because “You can’t really buy a ball or anything for 16 cents, so we could give that to people who need it.” Others jumped in saying we could essentially set aside $20 and give it to the food bank we visited earlier this year (Second Harvest).


To-do next week!

While I was gone, I had Shalini give the students a “wish list” literacy activity to complete. We will use those to discuss what we will buy with our left over budget, during the next community talk. So far, we spent money on the things they originally came up with plus a ball cart, because as Nakiya said, “You should just buy the ball cart from the picture we used for the agreements (to which everyone voted and agreed)!!!! Because we can’t use the lunch cart forever. That’s just a temporary solution.”

Science:  Gummy Bear Osmosis Experiments Continue!

This week, we continued exploring concepts of osmosis, looking at how salt affects the movement of water!  The kids did a number of guided experiments, and had a chance to practice making hypotheses and comparing their results against a Control (the ‘thing’ in the experiment that you didn’t change)

Activity #1: Gummy Bears with Salt Water

IMG_5872A couple of weeks ago, the kids had a chance to see what happened when a gummy bear was immersed in water for a day.  They also had a chance to conduct their own gummy bear experiments.
Oscar wanted to see what happened when we added salt water to his gummy bear. I don’t know if he kept the experiment going long enough to see what happened, but I figured that testing salt’s effect on gummy bears was a good experiment for the whole class to try.  The kids prepped the gummy bears the day before by filling their cups with water, adding two spoonfuls of salt, mixing the water solution, and then dropped a gummy bear into the cup.
Christine asked the kids to give a hypothesis of what they thought would happen with the salty gummy bears.  Some of the responses:
  • It’ll maybe get bigger, then get smaller, but then maybe get bigger again.
  • It’ll taste salty.
  • It’ll get smushier.
  • It’ll get harder.
  • It’ll sink.  But I don’t know if it’ll still be sinking tomorrow.
  • The same as {previous child}
  • It’ll fall apart.
IMG_5871The next morning we checked them, comparing the salty gummy bears to a Control gummy bear (the gummy bear which we didn’t do anything to it).  The kids made verbal observations:
  • It’s a little bit bigger, and it’s puffier.  Like stickier.
  • It’s got some white stuff inside it.  I think it’s the salt.
  • One side is white – that’s the side where the salt was.
  • I can squish it and it only breaks a little bit, it’s not too delicate.
  • I can still see the “A” on it (the original gummy bear has the letter “A” molded on its belly)
  • It feels slimey.
Honestly, the fact that the gummy bear was larger than the control was unexpected, as we’d assumed that the size of the gummy bears would stay the same due to the high concentration of salt in the water.  Science surprises us all!
The kids then had a chance to try the gummy bear.  Most took a bite and spit it out a few seconds later – “it’s super salty!  Where did the sugar go?”  “The salt went inside the gummy bear!”
Activity #2: Gak with Salt Water
2017-05-16 12.08.50This is actually an experiment that we’ve done before, but, because we’re revisiting how salt affects the movement of water through barriers, we thought it might be good to repeat it again in a more controlled manner.  The kids each received a ziploc baggie with a small amount of gak in it.  After making a hypothesis, they added a spoonful or two of salt, closed the bag, and observed.  Almost immediately, they noticed the gak changing.
“There’s water coming out!”
“My gak is starting to get lumpy together.”
“The gak is turning white.  I think the salt is going onto it and making it white.”
The kids discovered that even more water had been released out of the gak after letting the gak sit for 30 minutes.  “The water that was inside the gak is going outside to be with the salt!”
Activity #3: Veggies with Salt Water
2017-05-16 12.08.59To continue our exploration on osmosis and salt, we looked at how salt water affected vegetables.  The kids each got their own cup to fill with carrots, celery, and raw potatoes.  They then added salt water to their cups and left the cups overnight.  (We forgot to ask for hypotheses!  Oops!)
The next day, the kids got to make observations, comparing the salty veggies with Control veggies (veggies soaked in plain water).  Some notes:
  • All the veggies in the salt water are more soft and bendy than the ones in plain water.
  • The potatoes in salt water are more brown and bumpy than the ones in normal water.
  • The veggies in the salt water taste salty and no one wants to eat them.
  • The veggies in the salt water got smaller.
  • The celery in the salt water feels fluffy.  The celery in normal water feels hard.
  • The salt water veggies are the best!
  • Sat water veggies are bendable.

2017-05-16 15.16.50

We think the kids really enjoyed seeing how different things were affected by salt water and practicing the art of observing against a Control in an experiment.  Next time we’ll be exporing diffusion and osmosis of colored water!

Box City: Discussing Economics and Bucks

IMG_5554We began talking about Box City a week ago. The conversation was more around what makes a city and then what makes a community. As we discussed how to plan and run a business with the lemonade stand last week, this inspired many children to think about their own Box City ideas for a business, this week. Maddie K asked, “Can we make a book store? We can make books like we do at Quiet Time and sell them at our store at Box City!”
This week, kids are preparing for Box City week (June 5-9)!  For parents unfamiliar with Box City, “Box City bucks” (wood sample pieces) are given to the students on the 2nd day of Box City week.  These pieces represent the money in Box City, and students have the opportunity to use them to buy/sell items/services from each other’s businesses.  The discussion we had Tuesday morning focused on three different Box City scenarios that reflect actual economic/social situations in the real world:
1.  A child losing their bucks.  Should they be able to get replacement bucks or do they IMG_5553have to deal with the loss?  [This scenario pertains to the concept of insurance.]
– pick up trash (6 votes)
– open your shop and sell things
– teacher should give replacement bucks (5 votes)
– ask a friend for a loan
2.  A child providing a carnival game for free because they wanted to do something nice for the community.  Should they be able to get bucks from the teacher for their contribution or will they have to accept that they will not get income? [This scenario pertains to the concept of gvt grants]
IMG_5873– yes, they should get some reward for helping the community (6 votes)
– no, they don’t get money (8 votes)
– they can accept donations
– one child said she would set up a tip jar and donate the tips to kids doing nice/free things
3.  A child having an excessive amount of bucks and seeing those around them with no bucks [This scenario pertains to the concept of charity/donations]
– the child should share their bucks (12 votes)
– the child should see if the others want to work together with her
– the child should keep all their bucks (1 vote)
It was an interesting and informative discussion!

Children’s Read-Aloud Schedule!

After hearing Ellie Luz read last month, many other children felt inspired to read to the


Tyler’s read-aloud!

class, too. They begged me to create a sign-up and kept asking when they would read! So, we took time to create this list, below. They chose where on the list they wanted to be (knowing the higher or lower they were meant sooner or later), but please talk with your child about when they’re scheduled to read and whether they’ll be able to prepare their book, in time. This is the list that the kids asked me to put together, because they wanted to read a book to the class themselves. If your child’s goal is to do this, but he/she’s not ready right now, I can definitely have him/her go later! For children who aren’t reading yet but volunteered, too, they could simply do a picture walk (narrating the story orally based on each picture)! The last option is perhaps they can read with a partner, taking turns, or they can read a page and I read a page. The bottom line is that I want them to take as much ownership over this activity as possible 🙂 

What type of book?

Whatever book they want! From BOB books to picture books. It’s their choice of whatever makes them feel comfortable and CONFIDENT.

List of read-aloud dates and students:

  1. Ellie  3/23

    2017-05-16 12.19.00

    Maddie K. reads aloud spontaneously!

  2. Genevieve 3/24
  3. Logan 3/29
  4. Dominic 3/30
  5. Jada 4/21
  6. Claudia 4/27
  7. Maddie S./Izzy 5/4 (reschedule?)
  8. Nakiya 5/11
  9. Pranav 5/12
  10. Tyler 5/18
  11. Maddie K.  6/1
  12. Sthanika 6/2
  13. Sadie 6/7
  14. Donovan 6/8
  15. Quentin 6/9
  16. Oscar 6/13
  17. Byron 6/14
  18. Nadia 6/15
  19. Cameron 6/16

Opted Out (for now?)




Friday Skill Sharing Schedule (9:15ish-9:50am)


Pranav shared his art two weeks ago!

Children will have an opportunity to explain, demonstrate and field question/comments on ONE (1) skill of their choice. Some have to decide WHICH SKILL because they thought of two. Those children have an (*) next to their name. They have 5-10 minutes each. You can discuss with them how they may want to show their skill, what props they might need, how they will utilize the space of our classroom safely, and help them prepare for this public speaking opportunity by rehearsing it with them. I will prepare the children to be encouraging, kind, and respectful audience members. Some children already told me what they chose as a skill. So that’s why some names already have a skill in parenthesis. If your child has not chosen a skill, yet, please help them choose and prepare before their debut! Please see the following sign-ups, this week’s in bold:

  • March 31: Cici (Flexibility), Genevieve (Art)


    Donovan shared his hockey skills two weeks ago!

  • April 21: Byron (Karate) and Nadia (Cat’s cradle)
  • April 28: Tyler (Dance moves), Ellie (Drawing), Maddie K (Gymnastics)
  • May 5: Donovan (Hockey), Pranav (Art), 
  • May 12:  Dominic (Basketball), Oscar (T-Ball) and Jada (Gymnastics)
  • May 26: Logan (?) and Henry (Gymnastics)
  • June 2: Cameron (Gymnastics), Sthanika (_________) and , Maddie S. (Gymnastics)
  • June 9: Nakiya (Teaching Reading) and Nicholas (_______), Steele (Protecting)
  • June 16: Quentin (Running) and Sadie (Dance moves)

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