Welcome & Downloads!

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to visit. This is a window into our kindergarten classroom! All of us are busy with commitments and my website gives an opportunity for parents to view their children’s classroom life, at their leisure. It’s also a place to find out information about events and scheduling. It’s a secure site where you can find the inside scoop on how kindergarten is going, the fun we’re having, and all the progress we’re making!

Things to expect:

  • occasional reminders
  • calendar events for the classroom
  • photos
  • examples of students’ work
  • weekly news updates (Sunday night)

Downloads You May Want:

Emergency Parent Sub List:

  1. Jennifer Coscarart (Tuesdays 2nd shift & some Thursdays)
  2. Doreen Stitt (Tuesdays 2nd shift & some Thursdays)
  3. Akiko Fukuhara (3rd shifts) 408-614-9793
  4. Angela Henshall (Thursday 2nd shift)
  5. Christine Ging (always around Thursday morning, though I may be in Rm 12)
  6. Lonnell Graham (408)-836-0385
  7. David Ramos (408) 393-4456 (Thursdays after 1pm)

Have a look around and be mindful that this classroom, and its website, is constantly evolving to support growing needs. I appreciate feedback!