Classroom Jobs & Coordinators

Who Is Our Classroom Coordinator?

 Deepa Shenoy Ramam:

Her role is to: Run the class yahoo group, organize events for parents, organize the schedule for classroom parent volunteers, such as a park day, serve as a liaison between the school/teacher and parent, and recruit classroom support when needed.

Who Is Our Field Trip Coordinator?

Arielle Kurtze:

Her role is to: Plan all the field trips, get parents the information they need, arrange the signup geniuses for carpool drivers, and coordinate with me. She is not a fairy godmother, so please do not ask her to grant you carpool wishes, such as your child driving with specific children 🙂 Thanks!

Who Are The Enrichment Coordinators?

  • Science – Amber Martines:, Christine Ging:, ____________, and _____________
  • Cooking – Arielle Kurtze:
  • Art – Christina Wayne:
  • Music & Movement – Lonnell Graham:, _____________
  • Gardening –Julie Olsen:

Their role is to: Plan weekly curriculum activities for their enrichment subject with my guidance, as well as plan the whole kinder enrichment time on Fridays.

Who Is Our Documentation Parent?

Colleen Maxwell:

Her role is to: Make sure finished work representing children’s progress over time is saved properly. She will make copies if need be, 3 hole punch all items, and organize work and observations into each child’s binder.

Who Is The Class Librarian/Scholastic Parent?

Nicole Kerbey:

Her role is to: Provide us with resources we need from the San Jose library during each unit of interest, attend to the Scholastic account for our class, and update my personal library catalogue when I acquire new books.

Who Is Our Snack Coordinator?

Kudsana Kizaraly:

Her role is to: Find out class allergies, inform parents of the types of snack to bring (fruit/veggie and starch/protein), organize the signup genius for community snack each week and remind parents when its their turn to provide snack.

Who Are Our Event Coordinators?

  • *Potentially, Justin Loyola:
  •  _____________________

Their role is to: Plan events for our classroom, such as potlucks, as well as plan and organize our involvement in major school events, such as Fall Harvest Festival and Spring Fun Faire.

Who Are Our Social Events Coordinators?

  • Jennifer Coscarart: 
  • *Potentially, Ale Rincon:

Their role is to: Strengthen the ties in our classroom community by organizing fun social opportunities for parents (and me!) to mingle and bond. Such activities could be going out for drinks at Aqui’s after parent meetings or planning a dinner gathering one weekend. She may also offer opportunities for play dates.